Food and Culture as a museum piece; it's another sign that food has definitely entered the cultural world.

In the past year we have seen that food and hospitality have been the reason or theme for expositions or cultural activities. Often these events have a critical message and use political power to pay attention to eating habits, overconsumption or unjust food production systems.

Food Photo Festival Tarragona, Spain
The Food Photo Festival, organized for the third time in spring 2014, put food photography as a serious form of art in the spotlight. This is the first international festival around food photography and there were prizes for the best food photo or photo series. What's their passion? It's capturing taste and cultures, passion and craftsmanship, origin and authenticity, but in a unique way. Günter Beer, director of the festival explains: ‘The goal is to encourage artistic diversity and creative energy in food photography. Professionals consider food photography as one of the most difficult mediums to own. In spite of that, top professionals in this business are hardly known by the general public. The Food Photo Festival hopes to change that by giving them recognition.’

Umami Food & Art festival New York, America
The Umami Festival in New York wants to expose the connection between art and food. This event started in 2008 with the idea that positive vibes can occur if you approach food as art. According to the inventors who took that initiative, this combination could lead to innovative solutions for today's national food issues. 

The Umami Food & Art festival works with associations to facilitate the collaboration between artists and food professionals. The different events created a cooperation where ideas where exchanged and discussions held about the role of food and art in our society. During the festival these events take place at different locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.