In this very special edition of Food Inspiration magazine we have asked Chef Robert Graham, MD, MPH (FRESH Medicine) from New York to be a guest editor as we explore the theme of Food as Medicine. We are proud and excited to share Graham’s vision with you, and look forward to telling you all about a more holistic take on the future of food, healthcare, and the planet. So let food be the medicine as we showcase some of the most inspiring people and businesses working in the space, and tackle the big questions and challenges on the way to a brighter tomorrow.


- We asked four inspiring people what their best advice is regarding food as medicine.

Fixing the fundamentals, a conversation between Dr. Peter Klosse and Chef Robert Graham on food, health, and agriculture. 

- Six inspiring concepts putting Food as Medicine into practice.

- The role of technology on food. 

- Why food as medicine is your best medicine by Robert Graham.