Diving for food.

There is no type of food that has a better story than fish. Fishing has all the adventure of the hunt, all the romance and hardship of the farm, and a sense of history and nostalgia you find nowhere else. From the ancient mariner to the old man and the sea, fish embodies all the vital things that lie beyond the plate.

The story

If we were to lose fish, we would lose not just a food group or an inspirational story, we would lose our connection with a vital part of the natural world. Eating fish is a visceral and tangible reminder that we are part of a larger whole. An entire planet that we need to cherish and protect. In the case of vegetables, or meat, we can visit the forests or farms. We can see, hear, and feel the signature of time and place there. But with the sea it is not so simple. She is as shrouded as she ever was, as impenetrable. We know more about the surface of the moon than the depths of the ocean. Her creatures are the only reliable way we have to know how she is doing. There would be no greater tragedy than to lose that one, irreplaceable means of communication.

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