Food leaders in the past were they right or wrong? We interviewed @M_MossC about salt, sugar and fat.

‘We are addicted to sugar’, says journalist Michael Moss. The food industry is under attack and the food debate has intensified. Will it change? We interviewed Michael Moss, author of Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Did the food leaders in the past do the right things within their scope and knowledge of that period? Or were their actions dictated by the desire to earn money?

‘There was a moment when they realized that they were responsible for the obesity and diabetes crises. At lease in part, because we’ve always known that eating too much of the food we hate to love can makes us overweight and unhealthy.

In 1999, the heads of the largest food companies gathered to discuss the emerging obesity crisis. It was the employees within these companies that drove this, the employees that wanted to get them together in order to reformulate and make healthier products. However, the CEO’s basically told them ‘No, we already offer them low fat and low sugar products. But we’re not going to screw around with the company's jewels. We’re companies – we’re obligated to make money’.’

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