How different countries tackle dietary guidelines...

The fact that food plays an important role in our health is no longer being disputed. But in addition to what we eat, we also want to consider how we eat something, where and with whom. Perhaps if we combine eight policies from eight different countries, we may find the perfect diet for the world?


Sugar & salt check

For instance the case of Canada. The government stimulates eating vegetables and fruit, but also recommends avoiding things like fruit juice because it contains a lot of sugar. They also recommend to check the label on canned vegetables to make sure they don’t contain too much salt. The Canadian government is explicitly arming consumers with knowledge in order for them to make the right choices.


Mindful & regular

Or take Hungary. The Hungarian government is taking it a step further than providing simple advice about nutritional value alone. Their food policy includes regularity (fixed times for each of four or five daily meals) and mindfulness (eat slowly, never eat while driving or working).


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