Everytable is an omni-channel food and beverage company operating in California and New York City. Their mission is to transform the food system to make fresh, nutritious food accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Everytable is all about inclusion. Their focus is eliminating ‘food deserts’ and serving neighborhoods that don't have access to fresh, healthy food. That’s why the pricing of their products is based on the location of where they are being served. Disadvantaged communities pay less than guests from affluent neighborhoods. Each meal purchased by a well-off guest helps to sponsor the same meal for someone in a disadvantaged community. The menu consists of hot plates, salads, wraps, drinks, desserts and snacks. 

The company isn’t just a food outlet where people can eat, Everytable offers unique programs such as the Social Equity Franchise program that empower entrepreneurs from underserved neighborhoods with training, and gives participants a loan to open their own Everytable stores. In doing so, they provide opportunities to people that wouldn't otherwise be able to have their own business, as well as create jobs and access to nutritious food in communities that need it most. Everytable has 43 locations on the West Coast, and 4 in New York. 

This production was made with the help of Doug Koob and Circle Alliances. Doug Koob has been working for Food Inspiration as an American correspondent for about 10 years.