Finally a fun way to reach climate goals...

Water, carbondioxide and science are the only ingredients that Air Co's new vodka contains. No carbohydrates, gluten and less than 0 emissions. This vodka is carbon negative, which means that it extracts more greenhouse gases from the air than it sets free. Funny for sure, but could this be the future?


The magical process that enables this magic evolution to happen is called electrolysis. Simply put: water CO2 are energized to make ethanol. This ethanol gets distilled into a liquid with 96% alcohol. Then it gets thinned out with water to make a drinkable vodka. Pretty futuristic.


The vodka Air Co. makes has several unique aspects, which could make it a success. The first is its environmentally friendly character. There are not many products that can say with 100% honesty that they make products, that have a positive effect on the environment. Secondly, it is a pure product, with the only ingredients being water and carbon. People want to know what they eating and drinking. Lastly, this vodka is produced with high tech, which makes it an exciting drink. All in all, this product would be most suitable for premiumization and the price tag of 65 dollars a bottle (750 ml) supports this. A few restaurants in New York have already shown interest. Nowadays, there's always room for a good product with a strong story.