At Chefs Revolution 2016 in the Netherlands we asked several internationally acclaimed chef about their vision of the future.

We asked them to let their imagination roam free and tell us: what would be their Foodtopia? This is what Tanja Grandits, Joachim Wissler, and Virgilio Martinez envisioned.


Restaurant Stucki in Basel took no time at all to earn two Michelin stars, in no small part due to the efforts of chef Tanja Grandits. Her kitchen translates flavor to color. She calls it her “aromakitchen”

‘In Foodtopia we will cook in or out of a greenhouse. The atmosphere there is so quiet. No dishwasher, no pots and pans, no talking. Just you plating dishes and making food in a special atmosphere.’ She tries her best to look for a sense of wonder in preparing her food. ‘It’s about playing, laughing, being curious. You learn so many new things. It’s about being happy and a little bit childish.’

Restaurant Stucki**, Basel/ Zwitserland | Köchin des Jahres 2014



Creativity, authenticity, curiosity and experimentation define the German three star chef Joachim Wissler.

In his restaurant Vendôme Joachim embodies these attributes in an extensive and constantly changing tasting menu. When Joachim talks about the future he sees shortened supply chains. ‘The better restaurants won’t be found in cities, but instead close to the farms in the more rural areas, even in the middle of nowhere. Chefs will get their products directly from their own farms or gardens.’

Restaurant Vendôme***, Bergisch Gladbach/ Germany | Number 35 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016


Peruvian top chef Virgilio Martinez is true to his roots. This approach has brought him to the top of the ‘new Peruvian cuisine’

The inspiration and ingredients used in his restaurant Central in Lima come from the Andes, the pacific ocean, and the Amazonian rainforests. He creates dishes based on elevation. The menu is categorized by ecosystem. His food is based on the endless diversity of the natural world.

Restaurant Central*, Lima/Peru | Number 4 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016