Fresh lemons, robust ginger roots, organic cane sugar and water form the base ingredients for Rachel's Ginger Beer. Although her artisanal craft soda is loved by the many tech workers in downtown Seattle, Rachel still feels the effects of the lockdown; many of her clients aren't going to the office as often as they were before the pandemic. 

Ginger Beer 2.0

American Rachel Marshall is the founder of Rachel's Ginger Beer (RGB). Together with her partner Adam Peters and their team, they develop an assortment of ginger beer flavors, from their classic ginger beer to special flavors with (seasonal) ingredients. From tarragon root to blood orange, they add fruit purees, juices, herbs and teas to their ginger beer. In 2011, Marshall and Peters opened their first outlets, where they also offer alcoholic cocktails with RGB. These include tequila, gin and bourbon. RGB is also shipped throughout the United States through an online shop.


Rachel's Ginger Beer has several locations in Seattle. The product has found its niche. Their vibe is informal and cozy, and the staff is friendly. There are shop-in-shop kitchens run by start-up food companies that significantly increase the average length of stay, and the amount on the check per customer.

In 2018, Marshall and Peters were guests at the Food Inspiration Days, a bi-annual food trend conference in The Netherlands. Food Inspiration visited Rachel again in October 2022. The co-founder had survived the lockdown, but it wasn't easy. As tech workers continue to work from home during a part of the week, the heart of the city is less crowded than before Covid-19. Marshall is hopeful that the office will become an attractive place to work again: "The downtown office has so much to offer, no home office can compete with that."