The power of food...

Food is having a moment, and it’s looking like it’s here to stay. In a cultural universe defined by divisions and oppositions, food is a rare vehicle for the celebration of diversity.


Breaking the mold

"Foodservice is booming and shows no sign of slowing down, and as a consequence of this explosive growth the traditional walls around the food space have collapsed. There is an untold diversity of food offerings. Not just in cuisines and flavors but in the million different ways we eat. At the high end the tasting menu temples turn the experience of eating into an endlessly creative artistic expression.

On the other end the fast food giants and delivery start-ups are infinitely iterating on the quickest and most convenient way of giving us what we want. In between those extremes a kaleidoscopic mosaic of food unfolds into a myriad of specialized niches, from high tech healthy fare to old fashioned comfort food."

Choose better

Across this entire spectrum we see an increase in the quality of offerings. Higher quality ingredients backed up by a powerful true story are quickly becoming the norm. Dishes of humble origins are given an infusion of creative energy, turning them into premium masterpieces. 

Alongside the premiumization there is a growing awareness of an unsustainable industrial food system. A system that isn’t just spewing out low quality food bad for our health, but a system that is actively harming the planet. Many new players in the food space choose healthy and sustainable, and consumers are flocking to them in droves."


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Photo: Rahi Rezvani