Personalized nutrition is an exciting new frontier of the food space.

Habit is the world’s first personalized nutrition company that takes the concept all the way from ‘test to table’.

What is personalized nutrition?

Every person is different, and every body has different needs. While on the macro-level it’s a good idea to stay hydrated and eat your vegetables, companies like Habit are eager to take the science a step further. Their goal is to develop a set of dietary guidelines tuned to each individual on the micro level. By testing and observing how your body responds to nutrients, they are better able to determine what exactly the best diet for your best health is.

Shake it up

The journey with Habit starts with the mother of all milkshakes, and a rigorous at-home test kit. The milkshake is a proprietary and carefully constructed nutrient cocktail, a ‘metabolic challenge’ designed to measure the body’s reaction to things like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Through a series of blood tests Habit then develops a uniquely personal nutrition plan.

Building community

Habit believes strongly in the social aspect of food and the role it can play in forging lasting bonds. Although everyone’s nutritional needs are unique, they can still be sorted into broader categories, or ‘Habit types’. These Habit types are a perfect vehicle for Habit users to start creating a community with similar needs. ‘Protein seekers’ have a high protein, low carb metabolism for example. Through Habit they can share knowledge, tips, and work on bettering themselves together.

Dream big

Habit is currently available in nearly all of the continental United States, and they have the hope of expanding with a nationwide meal delivery service, and a future dream of global expansion. The core Habit experience costs $299 at the moment of writing.