Food is hot, and startups even hotter

Add food producers, food scientists, and food engineers and you have the makings of something dynamic and very special. The Future Food Urban Coolab is exactly that. This foodhub opened its doors in Bologna, Italy, at the start of november 2017. It is a place where people gather to share their knowledge, passion, and love for food. The lab is an initiative of FUTURE FOOD, a non-profit organisation with the ambition of making the global food industry just a little bit better every day.

Bound by the language of food

The Future Food Urban Coolab is far from the first food incubator housing experts from every field connected to food, but it might be the best. Where other incubators tend to focus on a single thing like education, agri-food, startups, or food retail, the Coolab manages to incorporate all of these. It’s a combined research space, atelier, foodhall, study room, and catalyst. All the scientists, pioneers, consumers, students, and technicians here speak the same language: the language of food. They all have the same goal: profit. The planet profits by devising more sustainable ways of food production. Our body profits by investigating the impact of food on our health. And our mind profits by discovering new techniques and finding new avenues of innovation in the food space. For a non-profit organisation, the Future Food Urban Coolab is very profitable indeed. And that is what makes it special.