About us

The food and hospitality industry is in constant motion. At Food Inspiration we help professionals in this turbulent industry by inspiring them with everything we do.

For those curious about the latest ideas in food from across the globe, or those simply looking for the hidden gems in their own backyard, we are there for you. We can be found online through our digital magazine and platform, or in person through events, presentations, and trendtours.

We understand that time is precious, which is why we present our inspiration in such a way as to make you hungry. Hungry for innovation and for progress. Hungry for all those mouthwatering dishes, stunning drinks, and captivating designs. We make our visual mark on everything we touch, and bring you the food & service trends of tomorrow. Not just so you can see them, but so you can experience them, live them, and breathe them like we do.

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Team of Food Inspiration