In this edition of Food Inspiration magazine we’re rethinking hospitality. Because of COVID-19, the traditional ways of providing a memorable hospitality experience are under pressure. What can you do to still cultivate and nurture that genuine human connection that is at the core of our industry in an age of social distancing and contactless foodservice? We explore collaborations and creative solutions that reveal hospitality as infinitely adaptable, resilient, and enduring.

In this magazine:

  • The changing role of employees in the hospitality industry

  • Hospitality in delivery: Making the contactless experience memorable

  • Unilevers Einav Gefen on pushing change in the hospitality business

  • Hotels navigating towards new normal

  • Stronger together: Interesting partnerships in food to fight the COVID-19 crisis

  • Growth consultant and foodservice expert Warren Wolfe weighs in on the consequences on covid-19

  • Inspiring examples of resourcefulness from outside foodservice

  • Helene Kennan Chief Executive Officer at Guckenheimer on recovery of the hospitality industry