Sitting, wishing, no waiting.

From a virtual waiting list to an app that fights food waste, and from a hamburger machine to home delivered Michelin star meals, the Internet of Food uses the newest technology to make the world of food and drinks faster, smarter, and more sustainable.

Startups around the world are turning to technology to reduce the wait times in (company) restaurants and cafeterias. These are the ultimate online shortcuts for our offline food experience.


German startup YES.TAP eliminates the lines at restaurants and cafeterias. Users use the app to look at the menu and to place their order. Payment happens through a linked credit card. Once the order is ready for pickup users are notified. No waiting required.

No need to wait

American app Nowait offers users the option of queuing up for a restaurant from the comfort of their home. While they virtually wait in line they are free to do as they please. When their table is ready the app will notify them and they can immediately take their seat.

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