The new issue of Food Inspiration Magazine is out!

There is a growing interest in what exactly makes up the food we eat. Many of our latest insights are based on age-old traditions and modern scientific research, the latter of which is sometimes prone to sparking controversy and fierce debate.

How can we construct menus in which every element is scientifically proven to be good for our health as well as demonstrably delicious? What if we would look at ingredients in a different light? And what will happen when scientists become chefs?

In the new magazine:

  • The ultimate menu: uniquely yours
  • Food scientists in chef's jackets
  • Superfoods, superwhat?
  • Foodtopia with Rasmus Kofoed, Mauro Colagreco and Eneko Axta
  • Dishes that are both delicious and driven by data
  • Hannah Witaker depicts children's breakfasts