Chef @maurocolagreco serves food based on availability instead of a fixed menu. How?

Unique flavours

In the enchanting garden of his two-starred restaurant Mirazur on the Côte d’Azur (near the border between France and Italy) a total of 36 varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit are grown. Thanks to the unique microclimate of the region, the vegetables are exceptionally rich in flavours.

Personal dish

At restaurant Mirazur the staff picks the vegetables in the morning and they serve them for lunch and dinner. Each day the products are different.

‘In Mirazur we don’t have 4 seasons, we have 365 seasons.’

- Mauro Colagreco -

The restaurant does not feature a fixed menu with every day the same dishes. Dishes are based on the ingredients that are ready to be harvested at that moment. As a result, not all tables will be offered the same dishes. Also, you will never be served the same dish twice: a unique file is created for every guest.

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