We asked chef Vladimir Mukhin of restaurant White Rabbit about his vision on #veggies.

From Russia with love

Vladimir Mukhin personally gathers the vegetables prepared at his restaurant White Rabbit from all parts of Russia. The White Rabbit is a restaurant where he show the people different russian tastes and ingredients. 

His family has brought forth numerous world-famous chefs, which explains from where he gets his love and passion for the avant-garde Russian cuisine.

The young avantgarde chef prefers, above all, to work with tubers, beets and root vegetables. Vladimir uses a myriad of cooking techniques: steaming, frying, baking, grilling, salt-baking and juicing.

'I think that vegetables are the future.'

- Vladimir Mukhin -

Located in Moscow, the White Rabbit restaurant ranks 18 on the 2016 list of the of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and was also the highest-ranked newcomer in 2015.

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