We live #longer so we must be #healthier? Find out if this is true!

Poor lifestyle choices and an unhealthy diet are burning our bodies up faster than necessary. A combination of good nutrition, the right supplements, and enough exercise can turn the tide of chronic inflammation, says Dr Paul Clayton. Food Inspiration spoke with him.

A lot of people think the fact they reach a higher age than their ancestors must mean they are living healthy. Everything is fine, right?

‘I disagree. Data from ‘blue zones’ such as the mid-Victorian period reveal that we are not living longer, and our health has actually deteriorated. We are far less active than our ancestors, so that we actually eat less food – and the processed foods we do eat have a low nutrient density. These factors combine to create wide-spread malnutrition, which causes chronic inflammation and at the same time hampers the body’s ability to heal. 

So, what to do to live more healthy?