In just a few generations we have almost completely lost touch with our food.

We can hardly recognize ingredients anymore, let alone know how to make a healthy and nourishing meal in our own kitchens.

Step by Step

Students, consultants and designers from IKEA, IDEO, Lund University (Sweden) and Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) have designed a very special kitchen table. Digital projections provide you with step-by-step instructions and cooking suggestions whenever you place an ingredient on it. If you lay down multiple ingredients, the instructions will tell you how to combine and prepare those products. The table uses image-recognition software to recognize the ingredients. The wooden surface houses induction plates to use for cooking. Special heat-insulated pans prevent scorch marks on the wood.
The idea behind the table is to promote cooking and reduce the amount of food that is thrown away. The table was presented as part of a concept kitchen for 2025 at the IKEA Temporary show in Milan.

Pros and cons

Biggest pro: Now everyone knows how to cook.

Biggest con: It’s easy to become dependent on the system and never learn how to cook without it.

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