Nearly 5% of everyone on earth has some form of diabetes, but technology can help you!

Measuring and controlling your blood sugar levels is often seen as having a part-time job.

Chips the size of glitter

What if technology could do that part-time job for you, and help you to reduce the risks of long term blood sugar imbalance? Google is working on a smart contact lens. This special lens is equipped with microchips and sensors no larger than a piece of glitter, and is expected to house an antenna smaller than a human hair. The megacorporation is testing a lens that uses the moisture of your eye to measure your glucose levels every second. Miniscule LED lighting can be used to warn the wearer when these glucose values go past pre-set limits.

Pros and cons

Biggest pro: Measuring your blood sugar levels will no longer require any conscious effort.

Biggest con: Still in testing, doesn’t work for people who can’t or won’t wear contacts.

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