For Millenials eating is a form of connecting with the earth and each other.

Millennials know that their food choices have consequences for the future of the earth. On what do they base their choices?

  • This generation is extremely into health and wellness, customization and global flavors.
  • Millenials love hanging out a commnunal tables in bar lounges college dining halls and other informal settings.
  • These young people are not only hooked on socializing in communities on the web, they even see eating as a connective activity.
  • Millenials are dedicated to local, organic, fair trade, vegetarian and vegan foods. Their choices reflect their believe that food choices can make a positive difference in the world at large, and their firm belief that food can influence the value of your health and wellness.
  • Foods and beverages in hip eco packaging that offer innovative tastes an functionality are irresistible to this generation.

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