Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. They like to work in a new way. How?

Millennials work in a completely different manner to their older colleagues. Their extensive social networks have led to a greater number of short-term personal relationships. This is reflected in their work.

Use of technology

Traditional career planning and hierarchical ladders are less important. More than ever, they want to merge work with pleasure. Young people work completely different than their older colleagues. Technology is intertwined within their business and they are more familiar with it than anyone. It saves them time and effort.

Self-starter, risk taker, visionary

This generation is pragmatic and realistic. They work at home, at night, or even in restaurants. In a 24-hour society they cannot be beaten. The majority of the millennials see being an entrepreneur as more of a mentality than about actually starting a business. Millennials see themselves as self-starters, risk takers, visionaries and as people with an eye for opportunity.

New economic reality

They are the face of the new economic reality, driven by open source and individual initiatives. This collective consciousness is the zeitgeist of the future and will lead to more opportunities.

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