A growing number of entrepreneurs are deviating from the standard paths when it comes to payment, pricing and finance.

Consumers are not at all bothered by paying for things in advance. Think of museums, cinemas or a hotel room booked online.

Upfront pricing

This payment method of upfront pricing is slowly seeping into the restaurant world, too. ‘We get our money in advance, which means we can negotiate better deals with producers and suppliers’, says three-star chef Grant Achatz, who uses a ticketing system in his restaurants. ‘It means we can secure a higher-quality product and that is something our guests can see on their plates.’

B(u)y the crowd

Food entrepreneurs have a hard time getting a bank loan these days. Crowdfunding offers an online solution. Several platforms are already focusing specifically on food and hospitality-related projects, like www.foodstart.com . Projects that manage to attract notice get more attention and are shared on social media, which gives them a much higher chance of success.

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