Millenials want to adapt their food tot their own choice. These concepts anticipate to this customization trend.

If there is no way to choose or customize their food, drinks or place to stay, many millennials lose interest. Mass production doesn’t do it for them. Having it their way is their way.

The NoMad Hotel

At The NoMad Hotel in New York, you can use a mood map of twenty-five different cards to make your own cocktail. Choose the Batman card and you can expect a dark cocktail. Choose Coco Chanel and you can expect a classic. The cards can be divided into two categories: type of alcohol and mood and flavor. If this is an experience you want, ask for the Drinking Cards, because it isn’t on the standard drinks menu. A cocktail inspired by the Drinking Cards will run you about 17 dollars.

The Dawson

The Dawson is a drink-focused restaurant in Chicago. Aside from its ambitious selection of drinks including homemade soda and cocktails, as well as special beers and wines, there is an evening menu typical of the bar food trend. Think artisanal meats and cheeses, creative sandwiches with smoked beef, ‘roll your own eggrolls’, seasonal salads, crunchy tacos with pork, and the inevitable wood-grilled ‘pub’ hamburger.


Starbucks has become one of the top-ranked brands for millennials. Why? Because it speaks the language of the Internet Generation by going digital, offering relevant rewards and creating an environment where millennials want to be with each other face-to-face. Speaking of customization, they also offer 87,000 possible drink combinations.

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