With more people renting out their home or turning it into a micro-restaurant, the food and hospitality industry is changing.

A number of scientists have said that a new economy where cooperation, sharing, and usership are the focal points, has the same potential for change as the industrial revolution or the rise of mass consumption.

What is changing in the food and hospitality industry?

  • Restaurants and hotels now have strong competition from individuals renting out their apartment as a hotel room and turning their living room into a restaurant.
  • The new providers and increased availability of eating and sleeping are likely to lead to a decrease in prices for the existing business models. Self-service buffet concepts that offer pure and honest food will grow.
  • Hotel chains are already looking at ways to work with Airbnb. They can offer the discerning quality of an established brand.
  • Do it yourself restaurateurs would do well to get in touch with local Airbnb-addresses. Make sure you get recommended to the guests.
  • Branding and franchising with Airbnb is just part of the growth of the online platform. Aside from reviews, brands will start to contribute to the brand’s reliability and influence the consumers’ choice.

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Photo: Rasmus Andersson