Let us fill you with more plantspiration. The flavours of these plants will amaze you.

Plants can be a main focus of the dish, and not only a side to meat. These days, vegetables are a far cry from the side dish or garnish they used to be.

Oyster leaves

Oyster leaves lend a fresh, oceanic flavor to salads, soups, and roasted vegetables. Their iridescence adds a beautiful aesthetic while their size and thickness are ideal for hors d'ouevres and amuse-bouches. Oyster leaves are the perfect ingredient for chefs looking to incorporate a seafood flavor profile into vegetarian, vegan or kosher dishes.

Apple blossoms

Apple blossoms are a remarkable ingredient: outstandingly beautiful, elegant and flavorful. They complement tropical fruit desserts, fresh cocktails, and summer salads. Unlike other flowers, apple blossoms can even be used for plating hot dishes. Their slight acidity offsets rich ingredients such as scallops, meat, and seafood.


These are oval-shaped leaves of a special succulence that originate in Africa. The leaves naturally store water for dry periods, which explains the name, meaning ‘water’ in Swahili. Combine them with langoustine and green grapes, or with sour ingredients such as rhubarb. For the best taste combination, balance the majiileaves with sweet ingredients.


For some people, the taste is ‘electric’. It reminds them of when they were kids putting 9V batteries on their tongue for fun. The sechuanbutton sensation starts with a champagne-like tingling on the top of your tongue. After that, it will move through your mouth with a kind of ‘PopRocks’ feeling. In short: you hate it or you love it, but you will remember it with a smile. Advice for the first time tasters: be careful and taste a small pinch at a time.

Watch the video of Rob Baan tasting these plants here:

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