They say we are what we eat. But the way we eat is destroying the planet, says Carlo Petrini founder of @SlowFoodHQ.

In the foodservice world we have the obligation to feed people. But do we want to do that at the expense of our planet? Finding ways to produce sustainable will provide the generation following us with the same changes of a good and healthy life. The documentary Slow Food Story will give you more knowledge about this matter.

Slow Food Story

In response to McDonalds settling in the heart of Rome, Italian Carlo Petrini started the Slow Food movement in 1986, a movement that strives for good, pure, and honest food. Slow Food Story tells the story of how it started. From its first meetings, cultural influence, the beginnings of its network, and the battle against bureaucracy, the documentary beautifully portrays how a small group of activists grew to be a network sporting over 100,000 members.

Watch the trailer here:

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Photo: Patrick Keogh