Top chefs give their vision for the future. Rene Redzepi says that vegetables will play a leading role in the culinary scene.

Food Inspiration likes to think about the future and so we asked three internationally acclaimed chefs about their vision of this future. How are they dealing with the disappearance of certain ingredients, higher demand for more ‘responsible’ dishes and the changing role of vegetables?

Who are these chefs?

René Redzepi
The chef of Noma, the world’s best restaurant, was just 25 years old when Claus Meyer invited him to start a restaurant that worked solely with Nordic food. At its beginning, Noma wasn’t a success though. The concept was muddy, and both the industry and critics thought the unconventional dishes and ingredients were ridiculous. But after a few years, the concept started to click. René Redzepi decided to focus on the naked essence of the Nordic dishes and products, and has profoundly changed gastronomy since then.

Dave Beran
Dave Beran has been Executive Chef of Next restaurant since it opened in 2001. At Next, you reserve your ticket, just like at a theatre or sporting event. No refunds. The ticket is transferable, however. In this way, the kitchen is able to set a strict supply policy, the guests eat at reasonable prices, and there is no hassle with the check, since the ticket has already been paid for. This revolutionary approach is indicative of a new generation of gastronomers: one with guts and know-how.

Sang-hoon Degeimbre
Sang Hoon Degeimbre focuses on his own philosophy to provide his restaurant l’Air du Temps with direction and credibility. It is a philosophy that combines high concept cuisine with local ingredients from the restaurant’s own garden, and innovative technology like sous vide, ultrasonic devices, submersion and echography. As a former wine director, wine plays an important role in defining the experience. His philosophy has impressed an international audience and keeps pushing the boundaries of this inspiring marriage of Belgian and Korean cuisines.

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