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There are plants that give you an electrique sensation in your mouth when you eat them and blossoms that can be perfectly paired with tropical fruit desserts. The world of plants provides us with so many flavors that we haven’t experienced yet. And you do want to experience it!

Exciting flavors

Food Inspiration is giving away 100 tasting packages in cooperation with Koppert Cress, containing special plants with exciting flavors and a guided 4D-tasting experience. Trough video, sound, taste, smell and touch we guide you to ultimately experience the flavors of these extraordinary plants.


How does it work?

On April the 28th we’re sending out the tasting packages. Every package contains four special plants, each offering their own unique taste sensation. We send out: Oyster Leaves, Apple Blossoms, Majii Leaves and Sechuan Buttons. After receiving your tasting package it’s time to start your 4D-Experience. Let us be your guide. The only thing you have to do is open the new -also on the 28th of April - released edition of Food Inspiration Magazine. In this magazine you will find a video to use with your tasting. In the video Rob Baan, owner of Koppert Cress in the Netherlands, will tell you about the four plants that are in your package. Feel them, taste them, see them and experience them.
Do you want in on this world first? Sign up here to receive a free package. Be quick though, once they’re gone, they’re gone.