What can we learn from Google’s Conscious Café in San Francisco?

Google’s Conscious Café in San Francisco is a concept of the food behaviourists at the Google Food Innovation Lab and the designers of EDG Design. This is what we have learned from them.

  • People connect with one another over good food better in a space that affects them in a positive way
  • People make poor food choices when under stress. A space that people find calming, for instance through the use of specific textures, lighting and materials, helps them make better choices.
  • People gravitate towards a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • By choosing the right design elements, people become more aware of the food in front of them.
  • Present the food in a visually attractive way and prepare food in front of guests. Presenting food in a visually attractive way nudges people to eat healthier/more plant-based foods.
  • When people are calm whilst eating, the body takes in more nutrients and can digest food better.
  • When people eat well in a stimulating environment’, they have a better head start on the afternoon.

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