The most talked about part of the experience is service. The essential? Your staff.

The guest essentially goes on a journey: from picking a destination to the moment they return home and write a review. All moments of the journey should be optimised to realise the ultimate experience and leave a lasting, positive impression.The most talked about part of the experience is service. Your staff is, of course, essential to this. By working together they can be sure that the experience is consistent.


No matter their job or role, make sure you hire the right people for the right job. Each of them has to believe in your brand and what you stand for if they want to convince the guests. The Disney Institute, for example, took Häagen-Dazs’s employees to the Magic Kingdom Park and showed them that every member of the Disney Cast has one purpose in the end: creating that ‘special moment’.

There’s no time limit to quality

At Zappos customer service calls don’t have a time limit. They value the personal touch and quality. This way, staff doesn’t feel rushed and they are free to take their time to really listen to the customer. The result: happy customers, even when they called to complain.

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