After the first and second wave we no find ourselves in the the third wave of coffee concepts.

After the first wave standardizing coffee and the second wave Italian influence we now find ourselves in the middle of the third wave of coffee concepts.

Once again, craftsmanship takes centre stage. New methodes like cold brew are being introduced, and slow drip is in revival. Young entrepreneurs like being able to influence every stage of the process, from the working conditions on the plantations, to eco friendly to-go cups. The job of barista has been raised to a true craft.

Speed has become optional, quality is mandatory. Take for instance Stumptown , a small American third wave coffee chain. Aside from quality coffee on different locations Stumptown offers a great deal of online information and education about coffee. Where does it come from, what can you do with it and how do you roast your own beans? In their webshop they offer everything you need to make quality coffee in the comfort of your own home. They serve as ambassadors, sharing knowledge and know how.

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