Bartenders are trying to personalize their drinks, using homebrewed beer and handcrafted liquor.

In a time where labels like ‘homemade’ and ‘house specialty’ are prominently placed on many menus, bartenders are trying their own way to personalize their drinks using homebrewed beer, homemade syrups, shrubs and handcrafted liquor.

A lot of bartenders are adding flavours like cacao or essence of rose to their homebrewed beer and homemade syrup. Then, when they add these same flavours to their cocktail recipes it results in a cocktail of perfect harmony.

Beer softens liquor

Homebrewed beer and specialist beers from microbreweries are showing up in cocktails more and more. These beer cocktails are rising in tandem with the growing popularity of these specialist beers. These beers give you a unique taste. They can enhance or reduce the strong alcohol flavours of liquors without watering them down like soft drinks.

Jasmin tea

Tea is becoming another favourite ingredient for cocktails. Tea contains a lot of tannins or polyphenols, which blend perfectly with the acids in alcoholic drinks. These combinations provide you with a delicious, soft flavour. The kinds of tea used the most are jasmin, hibiscus, and green tea, often mixed with gin, Aperol, or tequila.

Vinegar provides freshness

Vinegar cocktails from Japan have become quite the unexpected sensation. Japan is a country with a well-deserved reputation for innovating unexpected drinks. Trendy bars in New York are replacing lemon and lime with vinegar to give their cocktails a new kind of freshness.