A blend of luxury and basic by Chic & Basic hotels. Stay in the city without too much extravaganza!

Chic & Basic offers an unique blend of luxury and basic accommodations for travelers in Amsterdam, Madrid and Barcelona. They offer various types of hostels, apartments and hotels throughout Barcelona. It is for those looking to stay in the vibrant city without the need of too much extravaganza.

Hotel Born

We were intrigued by both the building itself and the interior of this Chic and Basic location. The building is more than 100 years old and has spectacular ceilings over seven meters high. On your way to your room you take small staircases making unexpected turns. The rooms, with an original glass shower, are chameleon-like: you can change the color depending on your mood. The passageways, full of enchantment and mystery, mutate with color changes simultaneously to the lights in the rooms. 

Hotel Ramblas

This Chic & Basic location with its Barcelona sixties theme breathes comfortable coolness. It took them six years to convert an old apartment building into the well thought of concept it is today. Each floor represents a part of Barcelona’s culture in the 1960’s which is depicted in large photographs and minute interior details. Humor is an integral part of the Chic and Basic philosophy and it works, the slogans on their amenities and shower curtains guarantee you will start your day smiling.