The perfect place for meatlovers @Barbecoa_london. #reinventingtraditions

Barbecoa is a barbecue restaurant and butcher shop in one. It’s located in the centre of St. Paul’s shopping mall in London and was initiated by the English chef Jamie Oliver and American barbecue guru Adam Perry Lang. The butcher shop prepared and processes all the meat used in the restaurant.

Butcher's shop

Meat lovers from London can visit the butcher’s shop to find the best meat Britain has to offer: poultry from small scale poultry farms in Essex, organic free range pigs from Surrey and beef from two selected slaughterhouses in Scotland and Yorkshire. Everything is bought whole and processed to the last gram. As a result, Barbacoa’s restaurant menu offers less well known cuts like braised pork cheeks.

Dry aging

The Barbacoa butcher’s shop takes dry aging a step further than most butchers. Instead of the customary 28 days they age the meat for a full five weeks, further intensifying the flavours