What will we be eating in the future? Discover a special alternative: cultured meat.

Cultured meat also called in-vitro meat or laboratory meat is meat that is cultured from animal stem cells in a laboratory. First research into cultured meat was carried out by NASA, looking for a way to produce meat in space during prolonged space travel.
The reason for wanting to produce cultured meat here on earth is due to traditional meat production being extremely inefficient. Industrial meat manufacturing could in particular answer the growing demand for meat. It is expected to take a minimum of ten years, however, before the production can be scaled up.

Cultured meat hamburger

The first hamburger made of cultured meat was presented in London in August 2013. The hamburger was developed by the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands and consists of 40 billion cells that were cultured from the stem cells of a cow over three months. No bargain prices however the cultured meat costs about 250,000 dollars per 100 grams.

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