Is seaweed the food of the future? And will insects eating be normal? Read more about the ingredients of the future!

With a world population growing to nine billion people in 2050, one question remains - what will we eat in the future? How will we feed all these mouths? We have will have to look for alternatives. What ingredients will determine our dinner plates in the future?


Seaweed can offer a solution. It can be grown without using scarce farming land or fresh water. All it needs is sun and sea. It is healthy and a rich source of protein. It’s already eaten a lot in Asia and we are seeing more and more products with seaweed available in large American cities. An increasing number of chefs use it in their menus.

Eating insects

Fried crickets, quiche with mealworms, Eastern salad with crispy buffalo worms. Is your mouth watering?

Eighty percent of the world population eats insects. In many African and Asian countries, eating insects is part of the daily diet, both as a source of protein, and delicacy. In the Western world we are also increasingly accepting of eating insects.

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