Plans to go to Barcelona? Here you should definitely take a look! And... they also have souvenirs! @artisabarcelona

Barcelona is a foodlovers’ paradise. Food can be found on every streetcorner of this vibrant city. For people who love food and Barcelona this is a place you must visit!

Art i Sa

On the corner of the Plaça Reial you might expect to find cheap junk food targeting the copious amounts of tourists. Art i Sa is therefor a pleasant surprise. Although the menu at first sight might seem tourist food please do look further. You will find artisanal food made of quality ingredients and a pleasant combination of food and retail. So whether you are looking to still your hunger or a gift for those at home, this place is a must visit for those on the road.


Opening hours:
Daily: 09.00 – 23.45

Carrer de Colom, 2
Stop at metro station: L3 – Liceu