Let food be thy medicine. Will amaranth become the food of the future?

In the Western world, we are becoming increasingly familiar with the phenomenon of food as medicine. We’ll focus on six everyday products with healing properties. Today: amaranth.

Amaranth is a type of seed from South America. The seeds look like grain, but are gluten-free. This is very useful for people with a gluten intolerance. It is rich in vitamin B and E, and diverse minerals.

Food of the future
Amaranth can be used in soups, salads or as a replacement for rice. It’s expected that amaranth, alongside algae, will become the food of the future. The amaranth plant can not only grow in very dry conditions, but the pseudo grain also contains more minerals, such as calcium, iron and phosphorous, than most vegetables. The root also has a nutritional value comparable to that of milk.

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