Wondering why Cleopatra took baths filled with milk and honey? Learn about the healing wonders of honey.

In the Western world, we are becoming increasingly familiar with the phenomenon of food as medicine. We’ll focus on six everyday products with healing properties. Today: honey.

Even Cleopatra was aware of the healing powers of honey, taking regular baths filled with milk and honey. Honey is a healthier sweetener than refined sugar.

It contains enzymes, amino acids, minerals and vitamins B2, B6 and C. Honey prevents the development of diseases and bacteria, and enhances the functioning of the nervous system and circulation.

Royal health
Besides honey, bees also produce royal jelly. This milky substance, full of protein, vitamins and glycerides, feeds the queen bee, making her twice as big as a normal bee. Royal Jelly is recommended, for example, for stress, insomnia, and stomach, liver and digestive problems.

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