Can restaurateurs be helpful in the food debate? We interviewed @M_MossC about salt, sugar and fat.

‘We are addicted to sugar’, says journalist Michael Moss. The food industry is under attack and the food debate has intensified. Will it change? We interviewed Michael Moss, author of Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Do you think restaurateurs can be helpful in the food debate?

‘I think restaurants have an opportunity to take the lead and find ways to make and sell people delicious, seductive and also healthier versions of their products. They could promote this further afield too. More and more restaurants in New York tell you where the meat and the fish and vegetables comes from. Increasingly, people want to know if the products they’re eating are sustainably grown and without hormones etc. so restaurants really have an opportunity to market this approach, starting with the way they describe items on their menu: ‘These beets came from John, a farmer 30 miles away.’

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