Yes, it is true. These vending machines offer you cupcakes, caviar and even pot

If there is one thing that allows you to cater creatively, it’s vending machines. While these used to offer only a can of cola or a bag of potato chips, you may now find vegetables, caviar, or marijuana in a vending machine. Food Inspiration gives you an overview of some vending machines that offer products you might not expect.

Cupcake machine
The American chain Sprinkles Cupcakes developed an actual cupcake vending machine in response to the large number of people who visited the store late at night. The principle is simplicity itself: a customer pays $4 by credit card, and a cupcake rolls out in a to-go box. The vending machine is restocked three times a day. Sprinkles donates any leftovers to homeless shelters, institutions, and other charities. Besides ready-made cupcakes, the machine also sells cupcake batter and doggy snacks.

Arnie the beer machine
This machine offers a choice of six kinds of beer. Arnie has a touchscreen, connected to his own Twitter page, where he posts ironic messages such as ‘I feel pretty popular at the moment. Want to be my friend too? I have already had ten in the last hour.’ Watch the video here.

How does a brand of beer brand ingratiate itself with rugby fans? Right, it makes a rugby vending machine. This machine, appropriately named the ‘rugbeer,’ can take a beating. To retrieve a beer from it, you must first show that you can tackle this machine. Pound the side of the machine with your best rugby move, and a ‘pussy-meter’ indicates if your tackle is manly enough. If no beer is dispensed, you will have to tackle it harder. Who knows, we might see a penalty machine at the next soccer world championship.

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