A vending machine you don’t have to pull out your wallet for? Swap-O-Matic only requires an item you no longer need

If there is one thing that allows you to cater creatively, it’s vending machines. While these used to offer only a can of cola or a bag of potato chips, you may now find vegetables, caviar, or marijuana in a vending machine. Let’s meet the Swap-O-Matic.

Recycle machine
You don’t have to pull out your wallet to use the Swap-O-Matic. All you need is an item you no longer have a use for. Place it in the machine and then you can choose another item that someone else left behind in the same way. Designer Lina Fenequito developed this unique vending machine to urge people to think about their consumption patterns, and to stimulate a sustainable form of consumption.

See how it works in this short movie or read the article in the Food Inspiration Magazine to learn more about creative vending machines.