Who has the most affinity with your concept? Take the mentality test and gain insight in your actual and potential target groups

Simply knowing the age, sex, education and income of your target group is not enough. Someone’s outlook on life says a lot more. Is your guest a careerist? Technology-minded or a do-gooder? And who has the most affinity with your concept? And how do you exploit that?

Test your mentality
As a result of global changes and the emergence of new generations, increasingly there are fewer companies that put their target group into socio-economic categories such as age, income and sex. More often they choose a psychosocial analysis. The Dutch research agency Motivaction has developed a model in which people are grouped into eight different lifestyles. This Mentality test can help when drawing up a marketing or communication plan, because this way a company gains more insight into their actual and potential target groups.

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