Calculate you body fat percentage before dinner? The Tanita Shokudo restaurant takes healthy dining to the max.

Currently we’re experiencing a positive shift in retail and the food service industry: healthy eating concepts are overtaking the classic fast food offerings. In January 2011, the scale manufacturer Tanita opened the Tanita Shokudo restaurant in downtown Tokyo. This restaurant takes healthy eating more seriously than most.

Twenty minutes
Each table sports a scale, to precisely measure the meal, and a timer set to twenty minutes, the ideal time in which to consume a meal according to professional dietitians.

Dinner consult
The menu offers two choices, each consisting of a soup, a main course, two side dishes, and white rice. These meals never contain more than five hundred calories. Besides serving food, the restaurant also offers a private consulting room, where patrons can receive a full body composition analysis. During this analysis, among other things, their body fat percentage is calculated and guests receive free nutritional advice.

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