Creating a buzz around the introduction of a new product or service is not easy sometimes.

You would love it if people started to talk spontaneously about your product and share your information with other people on their network. ‘Pay with a tweet’ or ‘Pay with a like’ is the first ‘social payment system’ available for people who can pay with the value of their social network.

The idea is simple. You offer something like a book, a film, an action or a special product and the only thing people have to do is to inform their followers on Facebook or Twitter that they have bought the particular item from you. The idea behind it is that you spread interest to your followers who in turn want to buy the product as well and share the experience on their network. This is how an action or video can go viral in no time.

Pay with a tweet is particularly suitable for creative productions and publications: musicians and DJ's (exclusive mix), film producers (trailers), publishers of magazines or newspapers, authors, cool brands (commercials), scientists (research reports) etc.

The launch of the book Society 3.0 by Ronald van den Hoff is an example of how you can draw an enormous audience in one action with 'pay with a tweet'. The book is available at regular bookstores, but in exchange for a 'tweet' or 'like' you can download the book for free. The income that the author has lost through missed book sales, would hopefully be compensated by the large exposure of his name and book and speakers' requests that resulted from using the social network.