In 2009, Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island, Canada, became the first Cittaslow village of North America.

Cowichan Bay has less than 3000 residents and is about a 45 minute drive from the capital of Victoria. It's a seaside village with sailing and fishing boats as well as houseboats. The artisan people in this village live or work on the water. Cowichan Bay is home to renowned chefs, farmers, wineries and craftsmen. The community is a stronghold for local products and producers.

Cittaslow is an international label for towns that protect the environment, landscapes, regional products, hospitality, milieu, infrastructure, culture, history and its identity as a top priority. Most of the towns have less than 50,000 residents. The concept of Cittaslow was born in Italy and now has 176 towns spread over 27 countries worldwide.

Keeping authenticity and recognizes new techniques
The most important mandate of Cittaslow is to preserve and improve the quality of life. They cherish the cultural history and local traditions, and keeping authenticity but Cittaslow also recognizes that new techniques are necessary to progress in the future. Therefore they are in search of towns where people are still curious about the past. Towns with many theatres, squares, restaurants and spiritual spots with unspoiled nature and passionate crafts people; an area where people appreciate authentic products, flavours, health and spontaneity.