Inspiration is all around us. Anyone who is looking for new ideas for their business realizes that you have to search for it.

Often it's easier to look within your own circles at comparable concepts or recognized target groups, but it’s more fascinating when you get inspired by subjects that are less obvious.

Since food has moved to the domain 'Lifestyle' we notice that more and more people are occupied with food concepts, which create interesting crossovers. Circus and theatre are blending with restaurant experiences. Designers are thinking out of the box and take the food concept out of its traditional context. This generates an enormous boost in food presentations, packaging and the hospitality concepts.

Culi crossovers: these are often small initiatives and you have to wonder whether they can ever become big and if they actually should be big, or is it cool to stay small and special?

1. See developments in society
Combining food with another branch of sport gives us direction and examples of developments in society. It shows certain interests from large groups of consumers and a sign of the time. Therefore culi crossovers can be used very well to understand certain concepts.

2. The crossovers give new insights, other solutions and surprising products
The foundation is the combination of different professions that initially didn't seem to fit together. But just because using improbable perspectives, going strange really, new ideas are born. That doesn't always go smoothly and often creates conflict, but just those frictions and the unlikelihood in combinations can lead to innovation.

3. Allow outsiders
The basis for crossovers is allowing outsiders to look at your products and associations. This allows for a fresh breath of air, other opinions and ideas. If you only develop ideas with your colleagues or associates you take a big risk and might never discover other opportunities.

4. It's all about daring to be different
The possibility to stand out in the crowd. It's a change with respect to your colleagues, who don't dare to come out of their comfort zone, with the potential to become very successful. 

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