Eric van Veluwen is the driving force of the trans-national project 'Green Cook'. His motto: 'Local food, less waste' strongly encourages local and seasonal food of high quality with minimal waste.

Green Cook is building relationships with chefs and restaurant owners who are willing to contribute to sustainable, organic and local produce for the consumer. Its department in The Netherlands wants to do a pilot project with twelve participating restaurants and caterers to promote reducing food waste. Small groups, acting as ambassadors, invent theme projects. For example: within the theme of food, they work on efficient buying and the cooperation between consumer and chef and within the theme on waste, food waste is measured with a waste monitor. The goal of this pilot project that will last well into 2013 is to create a ripple effect. The result should trigger a large group in the food industry to start working on a no-waste policy. Read more about no waste projects in the Food Inspiration Magazine.